Red Eli's T-Shirt

Red t-shirt with Eli's logo
Shipping cost is $10 for Standard and $14 for Priority. To order multiple apparel items to be shipped to the same address, call customer service at 800-ELI-CAKE


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My son Eli
Posted By Randie Chubin from Skokie, IL United States
While my daughter took ice skating lessons, my red headed, extremely active toddler named Eli would get into all sort of mischief so I had to keep calling his name. A woman came up to me and said she was one of the owners of Eli's Cheesecake, and she wanted to send my son Eli a cake. I was really surprised when a cake and an adult size L T-shirt was delivered to our house! This was about 19 years ago when Eli was barely 3 years old. I wore the shirt until it fit him. Tonight, he sadly gave the the T-shirt because it had holes in it. Well? It only lasted 19 years!

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